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Jenard provides many in-house design services:

Product Design
We are a custom manufacturer, and are therefore equipped to assist you with your unique design requirements.

Tooling Design and Development
We have in-house tooling design capabilities to create high speed proprietary tooling. Tooling is a key factor in producing quality parts. At Jenard, we make sure that your tooling is right.

Samples With A Production Look
For a minimal investment, we can provide a prototype which will enable you to visualize your concept and make an informed choice.

Broad Range of Material Selections
Vinyl is readily available in many degrees of color, thickness, clarity and grains. In mill run quantities, custom grains & PMS color matches broaden the possibilities for your one-of-a-kind product.

Graphic design
We are able to further enhance your product design and material selection with the addition of customized graphics. Added features such as silk-screen printing or foil stamping can help make your product stand out from the crowd.

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